Monday, March 24, 2014

Ray White Allens Kids' Triathlon and more...

My Experience of the Ray White Allens Kids' Triathlon...
Well, it was a very hot day, and I was so excited to be participating in my first ever big event, apart from the Beach 2 Basin.  The first part of the triathlon is a 100 metre swim, next is the 4 kilometre bike ride, followed lastly by a 1.5 kilometre run.  I was waiting forever for it to start.  I saw Alex, Dhannis and Alexi from my class.  Alex went first and he zoomed off past everyone in the swim and he didn't stop on the bike or run section, he just kept going and GOING!!!  That's why he deserved that medal. Now it's my turn.  My swim was a little salty (get it...salty?)  Anyway, moving on, the bike section was really fun and the run was good as well.  That's why I got a medal.  Alex and Dhannis tied the race with me.  Alexi completed the whole race in 20 minutes.  WOW!!!  That was us - we were shattered after our race and then we went home for rest.  Oh boy, my legs were sore after that. (By Noah - Room 14 Blog Reporter of the Week)

Noah - medals for triathlon & cricket, and a trophy for table tennis
Dhannis - medal for triathlon, and a trophy for soccer
Alex - a medal for triathlon, a trophy for surfing, an x-race medal, and a trophy for soccer

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Juliette Drysdale's Awe-Inspiring Visit

Three-time world champion and Olympic bronze rowing medallist, Juliette Drysdale (nee Haigh) came to our school to speak to us about her sporting achievements.  Juliette showed us photos and video clips of the training and hard work involved in competing at the highest level.  She stated 'that she had always wanted to go to an Olympics but wasn't quite sure in which sporting code.'  

Juliette's keys to success included: 
1. Work Hard  
2. Set short term, achievable goals  
3. To keep your big goal in mind  
4. When things go wrong...Don't EVER give up    
5. Have fun!!!   

All the children were buzzing with excitement, especially when she showed us her Olympic bronze medal.  Juliette is now retired from international rowing, and has recently married Olympic Rowing Champion, Mahe Drysdale.  Thanks so much, Juliette for your awe inspiring presentation.  You showed all of us that one can reach their dreams with strong determination and to 'never give up' regardless of how tough it seems.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Our Lenten Reflection

Lent is a time for people to try and improve their lives through turning back to God.  It is a season of reflection, prayer and giving.  These can be transformed into regular practices in one's daily life through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  Prayer allows us to be closer to God.  Fasting allows us to change our food consumption while abstaining, and almsgiving is about serving others and challenging us to think more about our personal wants and needs. Below are some 'lenten' images and reflections from Room 14 children.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kauri Whanau Fitness

Last week, Kauri Whanau begin its fitness programme.  The reason for this programme is that we believe that exercise will make us all fitter and creates a more balanced lifestyle at school.  Fitness also links with our concept of 'turangawaewae' and last year's concept of 'haoura.'  It's a great way to get fit and energised, especially for the coming and coming winter sports.  The children enjoyed hanging out with their mates and whanau, while at the same time learning new skills, and of course...having FUN!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Te Ika A Maui - Peter Gossage

Step 1:  Warm up - practising koru styles/shapes.
Step 2:  Read and listen to the maori myth text by Peter Gossage called 'The  Fish of Maui.'
Step 3:  Make links to New Zealand culture and heritage.
Step 4:  Create outline of the different shapes.
Step 5:  Bold shapes and koru patterns using black vivid and crayon.
Step 6:   Dye the sky and sea.
Step 7:  Admire and be proud!

Art Focus:  media - crayon, black vivid, dye
                     art elements - 'the law of thirds'/ arrangement of ideas on page
                     colour - hot / cold / blending
                     pattern - maori pattern work for decoration / texture / ideas

Acknowledgement : Mrs. Gaylene Smith (Expert Art Teacher)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Parent/Teacher Interviews and Educational ipad apps

Parent/Teacher Interviews were held at school last week.  It was a great time to talk to parents about and celebrate their child's progress and successes.   The children enjoyed sharing some of their work while discussing their future goal(s) for the term.  Several parents asked about suitable educational ipad apps that could be used to enhance their child's learning.  Below are a sample of apps that could be used at home.  Remember, these will need to be viewed first and then down loaded if appropriate.  Children please seek Mum or Dad's permission first.  ENJOY!!!

AUM Multiply
Maths Bingo
Hungry Fish
Number Battle

Search Star
Spelling Magic

Scribble Press
Story Buddy

Our Classroom Treaty

A few weeks ago, we studied the Treaty of Waitangi.  We looked at the importance of an equal partnership between two parties, where the rights of the two are respected and valued.  We believe that this day is an important day for ALL New Zealander's to celebrate.  

We used this model as an example for our own classroom treaty.  These are the treaty guidelines we came up with:

1.  Only one person speaks at a time during paired and whole class learning
2.  Be responsible
3.  Care for everyone
4.  Don't touch or hit others
5.  No running or shouting in the classroom
6.  Have FUN at school!

Congratulations to Alexi and Harry for being elected as Room 14's 'Class Captains' for Term One.  These two pupils will be role models for their class mates and abide by the class treaty and school values.

Our Challenge

Challenge 1:  Research about our family background and our turangawaewae.
Challenge 2:  Write our "Pepeha" (with the help of Mum and Dad). 
Challenge 3: Write adjectives and nouns that describe our unique personality.
Challenge 4: Create an elearning poster that exhibits all of the above, and one that will inform the reader/audience about us as a person.


Murray Healey and his team came to our school to teach us about Trikids.  The children learnt about running, how to transition from the bike to the run and general safety when participating in a triathlon.   

"TriKids™ aim is to support children into sport. Our programmes based around triathlon (swimming, cycling, running) are for primary school aged children and schools. Motivating and educating children to lead healthy lifestyles, developing fundamental movement skills and confidence through challenges and enjoyment are integral to our mission."  

Last Friday, the children raced against each other and put into practice the skills that Murray had taught them.  They gave it their all and enjoyed the challenge!  Thanks to Murray and his enthusiastic team for giving the children the opportunity to experience Trikids while having loads of fun!!!