Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Room 9's Aboriginal Art

The aim of this art lesson was to gain an understanding of the symbols (or symbolic message) and the story telling using aboriginal art.  Each artist’s Aboriginal artwork tells a story.  Earthy colours were used and the mixed media of black marker, crayon, collage and paint.  The artwork produced by the children is unique, spectacular, and definitely does deepen one's understanding of another culture.  Special thanks to Mrs. Smith for exposing the children to this type of artwork, and to the ‘story’ of another indigenous culture.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Educational Ipad Apps

Math Bingo
Hungry Fish
Number Battle
Sumed Up
MathsSlide (Addition)
MathsSlide (Subtraction)
Monkey Maths
Bugs and Patterns
Money Mind
Motion Maths
Lobster Diver
Target Math Facts

Tens Frame (Teaching Addition/Subtraction)

Search Star
Spelling Magic

Scribble Press
Story Buddy
Sonic Pics
Scribble Press
Visual Poet
Sock Puppets

Our Marathon Journey...

Last weekend, Leanne and I went to New Plymouth to compete in the 'Mountain to Surf' marathon and half marathon.  The race began halfway up Mount Egmont/Taranaki and ended up 42.2 kms later in the seaside settlement of Waitara.  We both enjoyed the experience.  Leanne ran the half marathon in 2hrs, and I completed the marathon in 3hrs 44mins.  I beat my previous marathon time by 26 minutes.  Leanne was also pleased with her time.  An added bonus of the short time away from Whangarei was that I was able to spent time with my whanau, after not being home for the past two years.  Our next challenge...just keep running!!!