Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thank You

This is the final blog posting for 2012.  I would personally like to thank all those parents and caregivers who have assisted me during this year.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this year and continue to experience a thrill in making a positive difference to the lives of children.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and safe and happy holidays.  God bless to you all.

Iti rearea, teitei kahikatea, ka taea.   The smallest bird can reach the top of the tallest tree.  

'Still Life' using shapes

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kauri Whanau Day

On Wednesday, kauri whanau had their final assembly and sports day.  We watched a keynote on Felix's trip to Hollywood and Mrs Collyer showed images from her recent classroom play.  After our assembly, we had our sports rotation, this included games such as: lily pad hop, non-stop cricket, capture the flag and sketchers.  We had lots of fun in helping each other learn new games (and old games).  Lunch together under the trees in front of whanau block was next on the agenda!  Thanks to all teachers and whanau captains for supporting the day.  Well done TEAM!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Riya's live performance of Lavani at Northland Indian Association Cultural Festival - 2012

Te Reo Kori

 We have been learning (and having fun) using 'Te Reo Kori' rakau games.  We had to create our own routine in pairs and then in groups of four.  Finally, we got to perform our routine to the rest of the class.  There were lots of smiles..and the odd bump on the head. Tino pai nga tamariki ma!

Te Reo Kori, the language of movement, is about mastery of basic Māori movement and movement patterns, as exemplified in haka, poi, tirakau and other traditional movement forms. It is directly related both to the Māori performing arts and to the Māori concept of health and well-being, hauora (Walker, 1994).

Future Olympians

The two Ben's and Thomas...mates forever!
AJ, Ben, Deborah, Mia (Year 4 Relay Team - 3rd 60m)
Lucy (3rd Discus), Ben (1st Shot Put), Ben (1st 60m Sprint, 1st 80m Sprint, 1st High Jump), AJ (2nd 60m Sprint, 3rd 80m Sprint), Thomas (2nd High Jump)

Last week, 39 children represented our school at the Whangarei Primary Schools Athletics Championships.  Our Year 4 children did extremely well.  Above are some of the winners.  Well done to all those who competed and also to the parents/caregivers who supported the team.