Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Maker of Miracles Appears

The Maker of Miracles Appears
Last Sunday, the Messiah named Jesus, rode on a donkey through the fascinating City of Jerusalem with his disciples.  Crowds in the city were amazed as they greeted him with great pleasure and honour.  After a little while, they remembered that the prophet had promised that their King would come riding on a donkey.  They were so glad to see him because they thought he was going to free them from the Romans, but what they didn’t understand was that Jesus the Messiah came for very different reasons.  He came to earth to spread the Word of God all around the world.  This day is called Palm Sunday.   

By Calvin (Reporter for the Jerusalem Times, Monday 14th April, A.D. 29)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Koru Paintings inspired by Raewyn Harris

Our 'Gala' Cinquain Poems

A 'cinquain poem' is a five lined poem with specific rules.  
These rules are:
Line 1.    One word title that is a noun.
Line 2.    Two adjectives that describe the title.
Line 3.    Three verbs about the title.
Line 4.    Four word phrase that expresses one's feelings about the title.
Line 5.    One word synonym for the title / same as.

Te Hana Te Ao Marama

Te Hana - the real thing!  (By Luke)
Wow...that was the best day of my life!!!!!!  Yesterday, we went to Te Hana Te Ao Marama.  All the Year 4’s learnt so much.  I learnt that 150 years ago Maori had to find their own things in the bush to build their houses with.  Maybe, one day that will happen again.  We got to go up a very big hill with a super narrow path.  When we finally got to the top, we got to beat a hollow log with a stick.  It was really loud - I was amazed!  I learnt that Maori had to go to university at the age of 8.  I also learnt that children in the tribe had to get married at the age of 14.  We got to go through one of the short cuts as we walking down the hill.  While visiting the wharenui, we saw something called a ‘butterfly’ and when it spins it around really fast, it makes an awesome sound.  I hope that one day I’ll get one of those for myself.  I bet you can tell why it was such an awesome day at Te Hana by now?