Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whanau Challenge - Term 3

Our concept for this term is 'Challenge.'  The key questions are:  What challenges me?  What challenges others?  How could I respond to a challenge?  How do these challenges help me to learn and grow?  The two enduring understanding statements include:  1.  We learn and grow by facing challenges with courage, persistence and resilience; 2.  The sacraments give us the spiritual nourishment to face challenges.  As an immersion activity, Kauri whanau completed a series of challenging activities, these included:  hockey skills, leap frog lily pad, trust games, and a blindfold activity.  The children were placed into different groups and enjoyed helping each other in a challenging and fun environment.  Tino pai nga tamariki and kaiako!

Diamante Poems

A 'diamante poem' is a poem in a shape of a diamond.  Each line uses specific types of words, like adjectives and -ing words.  It does not have to rhyme.
1. Beginning Topic
2. Adjective, adjective (about the topic)
3. -ing word, -ing word (about the topic)
4.  Four nouns - or - a short phrase (about the beginning and ending topics)
5.  -ing word, -ing word (about the topic)
6.  Adjective, adjective (about the topic)
7.  Ending Topic

Holiday Personal Recounts