Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Trip to Sunny Samoa

Nga Marama (Months)

Ko te aha tenei marama? (What is this month?)
Ko...........tenei marama.  (This month is.......)

Ko te tera marama? (What was last month?)
Ko..........tera marama. (Last month was.....)

Ko te aha te marama kei te heki mai? (What will next month be?)
Ko ......te marama kei te heki mai. (Next month will be......)

Ko te aha tenei wa o te tau?  (What is this season?)
Ko...tenei wa o te tau (This season is....)

Marama - month
Maramataka - calendar

Hanuere - January
Pepuere - February
Maehe - March
Aperira - April
Mei - May
Hune - June
Hurae - July
Akuhata - August
Hepetema - September
Oketopa - October
Noema - November
Tihema - December

Koanga - spring
Raumati - summer
Ngahuru - autumn
Hotoke - winter

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our Special Mission

On Friday, Room 15 were invited to attend the senior assembly under the shade area.  Fr Thige was the special guest.  He presented to Lucy and Kieran their 'Alter Server' certificates.  Part of the 'Church Strand' and 'Social Justice' is one's response to serving others within the church community and beyond.  The position of alter servers in helping the priest during the Holy Eucharist plays an important role in for fulfilling these duties.  We all look forward to watching Lucy and Kieran grow in this role within the church.  
Tino pai team - you made us proud! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Save our Marine Life - By James

Today, Room 15 went to a seminar called 'Sustainable Coastlines.' We met a man named Sam and he told us about what is happening around the world with plastic.  Sam showed us a mini movie clip about someone chucking a plastic bag out the window and it went with the wind all the way to Great Barrier Island where a turtle ate it and died because of someone's poor actions.  The turtle thought the plastic bag was jelly fish.  He also showed us some seagulls that ate bottle tops on an island called Midway Atoll.   This is an island near Hawaii where ocean currents meet, also known as 'Gyres.'  Midway Atoll is a place where little natural water is stored yet it has lots of cril and plankton in the ocean where sea life feed from.  After that, he spoke to us about a plastic bag that a small fish ate and died on the food chain...gross!   The worst part of his speech was when he showed us the 20 year-old turtle that has been strangled by a plastic milk ring.  Sam's message was to follow the three 'R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and not to litter in the ocean.  So...PLEASE TAKE CARE OF OUR (AND GOD'S) ENVIRONMENT!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Chalice and Ciborium

We have been learning about some of the sacramental vessels used in the Catholic church.  The chalice it is most commonly used in reference to the large cup-like vessel in which the wine symbolizing the blood of Jesus Christ is served during the Eucharist or a church communion service.  The ciborium holds the consecrated Eucharistic bread. The ciborium is usually shaped like a rounded goblet, or chalice, having a dome-shaped cover. Both are important vessels (and symbols) that were first used by Jesus during the Last Supper over 2000 years ago. Enjoy our special images...