Thursday, June 24, 2010


Kate (a parent) came to Room 15 to teach us a variety of dance moves. She demonstrated simple movement patterns and how we could use the space around us. We were placed into groups and choreographed our own dance moves. Each group then performed in front of the class. We learnt to work as a group, have fun and link what we are doing with the concept of ‘movement.’ Thanks Kate.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How a bicycle works (Explanation)-By Billy

Have you ever wondered how a bicycle works? Well I'll tell you how.

First you need to know the part. There is a bell, reflector, brake pad, seat, pedals, brake lever, gear lever, tyre, wheel, chain, handle bars and an axle.

The pedals make the chain move and the chain makes the wheels move. Great, now that you know the parts you can teach other people! First you put one leg over the bicycle and push down getting the bicycle balanced. You may want to put training wheels on your bicycle first to get more practice. Once you feel confident enough, you may take the training wheels off. Then you get back on the bicycle and push off the ground and put your feet on the pedals and start to pedal.

You can ride a bicycle just about anywhere. The best place to ride a bike is on a flat surface, such as wood or on the concrete. Make sure you always wear a helmet and shoes and elbow pads and knee pads.

Hopefully this story will help your knowledge of bikes, also it should help others if you want to teach them.

By Billy