Friday, September 27, 2013

The Day the Marist Boys Came to Town

A few weeks ago, the New Zealand Marist Colts rugby team visited our school. They were on a rugby tour around the country playing games and visiting Catholic schools.  The team has the same motto as our school " to love, to learn and to serve." The team gave us some sports gear and even performed a haka.  Two members of the team were from overseas, one from Australia and the other was from Argentina.  Thanks guys, you are great role models!!!

Go Team New Zealand!!!

Innovation Transfer Task

Kauri whanau celebrated their understanding of ‘Innovation’ by having an afternoon of 'show and tell.'  Each class got to show off their transfer task ideas.  This task had to be: a classroom of school item that could be improved or changed to make it a better place to learn.  Here is a sample of the afternoon.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013


How do you experience God’s presence?

 People meet God by being aware of God’s presence in the world around them.  God is the creator of all things.  Because people are created by God they are like their Creator, and through God’s gift of grace they can share in the very life of God.  By grace God is present within people themselves making them tapu because they share in the Tapu of Te Atua.  People can discover this presence in a special way in quiet times when they are still and calm and think about God within them.  These are called reflective times.  Room 14 children drew images of their special times they spend with God.  Each image is unique and special.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

World Famous at SFX

Hi, my name is Isabella.  This is a photo from the ‘Girlfriend’ magazine of my sister Sophia, my brother Lachlan and me.  We are in the Girlfriend magazine because my sister made a recording of herself singing Taylor Swift’s song called ‘Trouble’ on our cousin’s cellphone.  My cousin is Rebecca, who is the editor of the Girlfriend magazine.  This picture is from the ‘Rising Stars’ section of the magazine.  My cousin Rebecca has meet a lot of famous people like Jackie Thomas, Ruby Frost, Ginny Blackmore and many more!  Who knows, my sister might be a future winner of NZ's Got Talent!!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Northpower Presentation

Jan Thomsen, from 'Northpower' came to our school to talk to us about how electricity is made, safety around electrical devices and how electricity has changed over time.  Jan stated that, 'school children especially are at risk.'  She continued on saying,"since they love climbing and don't always recognise the danger of overhead wires or of playing near ground mounted transformers."  Thanks Jan for your advice.  

Tino pai to mahi, Sua!