Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Cultural Task

Bula and Kia ora! The final task for this terms concept of 'culture' was to answer two key questions: firstly, 'What if a family from Fiji was coming to SFX, how would we help them keep their culture alive? and secondly, what do we need to teach them so they value the beliefs and traditions of our New Zealand culture? The children were organised into pairs, had to create a poster using ICT and then had to present it to the class via Photo Booth (video) where they were then peer assessed. The children had lots of fun completing this task. Tino pai nga tamarikii!!!

Our Fijian Patterns

Bula! We have been looking at different Fijian patterns. We had three learning intentions using different coloured pastels, these included: 1. repeat a series of patterns, 2. blend our colours, and 3. use hot and cold colours. We are extremely proud of our art. We hope you enjoy the amazing talent we have in Room 15.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Raising Money (Procedural Writing)-By Andre

If you follow these steps you will make a delicious hangi.

To make a hangi you will need: manuka wood, volcanic rocks, pit, wood, veges, potatoes, kumara, and pork.

Follow these steps and you will make a divine hangi.
1. Dig a wide pit about 1 meter wide and not to deep.
2. Place the manuka wood in the pit.
3. Put the railway irons on top of the pit then put more manuka wood on top.
4. Then place the volcanic rocks on top as this will maintain the heat.
5. Wait for 5 hours. Warning, keep a hose by you as you will need it.
6. Carefully light the wood and stand back.
7. Wait for 20 minutes.
8. Wash it down with a hose.
9. Place tin foil on top then put a sheet over the hangi.

To check if it worked, eat it. If you want to make it, start over and follow the steps again.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Culture Day' in Room 15

G'day, Sa-lam, Kohomada, Dodro utro, Mamaskar, Nei ho, Mabuhay, Bonjour, Kia ora! Haere mai to Culture Day. Today, the junior and middle syndicates celebrated 'Culture Day.' Everyone dressed up in different cultural uniform/attire. Later on in the day, we showed off our culture in a class by class parade. There are so many different cultures at our school and each is extremely special and unique. To cap the celebrations off, we had a shared lunch-YUM! Thanks to those parents who assisted during the day. Ka kite ano.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maori Animal Myths

Animals were much more then a source of food for early Maori. They were considered part of a great family.In some cases animals worked with humans to educate or guide. Up above you will see the Maori art we have drawn and dyed. Some of the animals we drew were a whale, a dolphin, a shark, a stingray, a gecko,a dog, a Kaka (bird) and a wood pigeon. We hoped you enjoyed our slide show of our art because we enjoyed doing it. (Blog Reporters-Leah and Emma )