Saturday, April 20, 2013

Connor - A Future Engineer!

What does 'Hauora' mean to you???

It has been a fun twelve weeks learning and exploring the concept of hauora.  Room 14 children have experienced different dimensions of hauora, and listened to people explain ways to keep them healthy and safe.  

Hauora gives us the ability to make right choices and through the holy spirit, to give us a balanced life.  The end of concept task was to create a poster for an overseas visitor to explain one's idea of hauora.  The poster needed to include the following:  
1.  Five images of hauora
2.  Five statements about hauora
3.  Colourful and Appealing 
4.  Boarder
5.  Suitable heading

The children created some amazing posters, with a strong religious theme about their idea of what truly is...hauora.  Enjoy!!!


The New Zealand Black Sticks recently played in Whangarei.  Some Room 14 children went to watch the team play in the Four Nations Trophy.  The tournament included Agentina, Korea and the USA.  New Zealand won the final against Korea 3-0.  Reuben, Alice and Ruby shared with us their hockey experiences, and getting photos with their childhood heros.  I wonder if Richie McCaw was at the games????

Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Imaginative Easter Recounts


Twelve people hit with tongues of fire after the death of Jesus

After the death of Jesus, the disciples went to pray in an Upper Room of a house when suddenly they got hit with tongues of fire. After that, there was a shocking gust of wind that blew through the door and rattled the windows!

The twelve people came out of the building telling everyone what had happened.  One lady out of the twelve went around to the other people who lived in the little village telling them what had occurred and also about the Good News.  The disciples had other ideas, they went all the world talking in other languages, but most people thought they were trying to offend them and did not believe.

They continued on telling people all about the news they had heard.  They went from country to country spreading the Good News about Jesus and God!  People all around the world were amazed to hear such over exciting news!  So they wanted to go all around the whole wide world telling everyone about Jesus and what he did for us!  We thaank Jesus for what he did for us, and understand our job here on earth.

Sunny and Amelie.

Mike Springford Trikids Trophy

Last Wednesday, some of SFX children went to Trikids at Whanagrei Primary School.  They were very frightened and scared.  Trikids is like a triathalon.  It is a mixture of swimming, biking and running.  The run was 500m (or 2 laps), the bike was 500m (or 2 laps) and the swim was 20m or 1 length.  Year 4, 5 and 6 children compete.  The year four girls were first up.  One of our year 4 girls came second place, then it was the year four boys.  They stopped everyone at the gate once they had finished the swim section.  Isaac and Reuben were racing.  Reuben came 5th and Isaac came 6th overall.  Then it was year 5 and 6 race. It was the school with the most points at the end that won the trophy.  Whangarei Primary School won the Mike Springford Trophy.  SFX came 3rd.  Thanks to Murray Healey for organising the event.
(By Reuben and Issac - Rm 14 Blog Reporters of the Week)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Hidden Words

Last week, the children were given the challenge of finding short words inside long words.  They discovered lots of words while having fun learning about how letters in words are made up.  Below are the words they found.  Can you find anymore?

Are you a Data Detective???

This week, we began our Statistics unit.  We are using the ‘Data Detective’ model as our base for our investigations.  The investigative cycle involves: Problem, Plan, Data, Analysis and Conclusions.  Statisticians use this cycle and we think that it is important that we should begin to as well.
Using real data means that real investigations can be carried out. Because the data is real, there is probably more than one story that can be told by the data.  Exploring stories in real data helps to make the process more meaningful and relevant for children.  Our first investigation was on the colour of cars that passed SFX church for 10 minutes using a tally chart.  Before we created our tally chart, we wrote down some ‘I wonder...’ questions, and when we returned, we wrote some ‘I noticed...’ statements.  Next week, we will transfer this data into a simple bar or column graph. Our results...we noticed that white cars were the most popular coloured car, and green was the least favoured colour.  This is the first of several investigations.  We had loads of fun learning about using data in a meaningful way.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Easter Break...

Easter is a time to remember Jesus, and how he gave his life for us.  He is our role model and inspiration.  Easter is also a time to spend with family.  This Easter, we decided to rent a bach in Whitianga with my sister and her family from Taranaki.  The bach was situated near Buffalo Beach, which is at the top end of the township.  Whitianga is very similar to Paihia, both in size and friendliness.  We made trips to Hot Water Beach, Cathedral Cove (near Hahei) and several church services.  The boys argreed that Cathedral Cove was an experience that was truly unforgettable.  The sand at the beach was golden and the ocean was crystral clear.  We had to endure a 40 minute walk before we reached the cove.  We swam for there for about three hours, then walked back to the car for afternoon & chips and an ice-cream at Hahei.  The Coromandel is a special place for all of us to experience.  I hope you all enjoyed spending time with your family over this Easter break, while in your prayers and actions, remembering Jesus and what he did for us over 2000 years ago.  Blessings on you all!