Saturday, July 27, 2013

Term 3's Concept - 'Innovation'

AJ Hackett (1958)

Bill Hamilton (1899-1978)

John Britten (1950-1995)

Richard Pearse (1877-1953)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Brodie's advice on saving money

Brodie from ASB spoke to us about why it is important to save money for our future.  We learned that it is ok to spent a little but need to also save plenty.  Jared, Brooke and Connor had to make wise decisions on how to spend $100 on three items.  Brodie also identified the differences between a credit card, a debt card and an EFT-POS card.  Thanks Brodie for giving us financial advice and making learning about money fun!

Kauri Whanau Concept Day

Blended Fruit

Our challenge was to draw a cross section of a piece of fruit and use warm and cold pastel colours to blend into each other.  We also had to smudge the pastels together to help create a natural look.  

Room 14's Living Taonga...