Friday, June 19, 2015

Zentangle Leaf Pattern Art

Our Fruit/Vegetable Art

Last week, the children brought a piece of fruit or a vegetable to school.  Mr. Werder cut each piece into halves, and the children had to then do an observational drawing.  They were looking at the patterns and outlines inside of their pieces.  The children talked about how a piece of fruit or vegetable could be reflected or be symmetrical.  They all had fun mastering their drawings, plus they got to have a healthy snack once they had completed their work!  Tino pai nga tamariki.

Weekend News...

YES!  Adam throws a cheeky double fist pump.
Gabriel flicks the ball down field.
Gabriel in hot pursuit, while Adam checks out where to from here.
Mr Werder's race was thumbs up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hockey Time

'Circle of Friends' with Whea Shelley

Every Tuesday morning, Whea Shelley (Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour) comes into the classroom to teach us about a programme called 'Circle Time.'  She has been teaching us about how to build a positive learning environment within our classroom, school and community.  We are learning how to show respect for others, to be kind to others, and to think more about how our actions can affect those around us.  Below are some parts of the puzzle that might help you understand the programme.  Parents/caregivers may wish to discuss these with your child while reinforcing these positive strategies at home.   

Circle Time’ is an approach that:
·      supports children to develop a wide range of skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem, speaking and listening, concentrating, thinking, and looking (attending).
·      encourages the development of problem-solving, self-discipline and assertive communication skills.
·      helps children to strengthen positive relationships with others and enhance pro-social and friendship skills.
·      aims to develop specific behaviours to show caring and respect towards each other (e.g. ‘to be kind when others make mistakes’).

Friday, June 12, 2015

Jonno's Family Trip to the USA

We played football at Auckland International Airport, then.....
  1. Cycled from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier
  2. Stayed at Legoland Hotel
  3. Went to Mini USA, Legoland
  4. Saw sealions at Seaworld
  5. Visited San Diego Zoo where we saw a Sun Bear having a bath
  6. Walked around an aircraft carrier at the Midway Museum
  7. Went to California Adventure Park
  8. Joined the Disneyland Jedi Academy
  9. Went on the Jurasic Park ride at Universal Studios
  10. Walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  11. Visited the California Science Museum
  12. Spent a few days in Hawaii
  13. Visited Pearl Harbor
  14. Reluctantly....had to come back to school!!!

'The Growing Tomato' - Written and Illustrated by Alex

Our Mandala's