Thursday, November 27, 2014

Our Hero and Heroine...

(Alex 1st  Place Year 4 & Alexi 8th Place Winner at the 'Whangarei TriKids Championships')

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Room 14's 'Op Art' Challlenge

Room 14's Athletic Champions

Luke, Alex, Maia, Sophie, and Ashley
This is the team that represented Room 14 in the Year 4 Whangarei Primary Schools Athletics day held at the ASB Athletics track.
This team acheived the following results:
Sophie (5th 300m)
Ashley (1st 80m & 2nd 60m sprints)
Maia (4th Long jump, 4th 60m & 3rd 80m)
Alex (3rd Long jump)
Luke (1st 300m, 6th 80m & 6th 60m)

Alex's longest jump was 3.58m and Maia's longest jump was 3.05m. We had a really fun, scary butterflies in our tummies time at the athletics.  We definitely wish the day never ended!!!!

(By Maia and Alex - Blog Reporters of the Week)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Are You a Data Detective???

Sister Rachael's Challenge to us...

Today, Sister Rachael spoke to our whanau about the challenges that she faces in her job as a nun in the Philippines.  Sister Rachael is associated with the Missionaries of Mary.  This is a small group of nuns (a total of 4) who assist with helping at risk teenagers.  Their mission includes:
1. "to give love to all"  
2. "to become agents of change."  
In addition, Sister Rachael's personal motto in life is "No Challenge...No Change!" Thanks Sister for sharing the daily challenges you face everyday in your missionary life.  God bless, and blessings to you and your whanau over the Christmas break.

Stephanie's Challenge