Monday, July 28, 2014

Natalia's (World Famous) Hero

Isaac, Eugene and Jim
Jim holding his granddaughter, Natalia
Jim and Edmund Hillary standing beside their "snow tractors" at the South Pole.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Our School Hero Stories

My Hero/Heroine is...

Room 11 and 14's Heroes & Heroines Montage

Last Thursday, Rooms 11 and 14 paired up to create a 'heroes and heroines montage.'  One group went to the ICT suite and used various i-apps and internet sites to help create a poster illustrating their understanding of local, national and world heroes and heroines.  The children printed off their creations and pasted these onto a long sheet of paper.  The other group made headings and cut images out from magazines.  Once completed, the montage was then placed up in the cloak bay outside Rooms 11 & 12.  The montage was part of the immersion task for this concept.  Ka pai to mahi!!! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Who's your Hero or Heroine?

Term 3's Concept is 'Heroes & Heroines.'  Below are the Enduring Understanding statements, the Essential Questions and quotes about 'Heroes' from around the globe.

Alex's Trip to the USA

At the beginning of term 2, I went on a family trip to America.  The highlight for us was visiting The Grand Canyon, and we while we were there we experienced the falling of snow.  Another neat treat for us while touring America was going to Disneyland in California.  My favourite ride was ‘Splash Mountain’ because at the end there was a 50 foot drop.  All in all, we had an amazing time.  Below are some of my favourite photos of the trip.  (By Alex)
Alex playing baseball


Lightening McQueen

Snowing at the Grand Canyon

SpongeBob Squarepants

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

The Grand Canyon

The oldest Catholic church in Tijuana

Tijuana - Mexico

Our Experiments - Part 3

Our Experiments - Part 2