Friday, July 31, 2015

Being Responsible

 Being responsible is...
-showing self-control
-not following the actions of others
-being a leader
-helping others in need
-listening more and talking less
-ignoring bad behaviour
-when we show others Mary MacKillop values
-when we practice our Christian values at school and in our whanau

When we aren't responsible, we weaken our relationship with God.

Curiosity in Space

Our ideas about 'Space'

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Last Friday, our school assembled on the courts to show off their Matariki creations.  Each whanau paraded around the courts to the waiata "Shooting Stars."  At the end, we lined up and performed the 'Matariki Macarena' together. Special thanks to Puriri Whanau for organising the immersion task.  Ka pa to ra!!!

Our Matariki Celebration

Last Wednesday, we celebrated matariki by making paper matariki kete.  The children from our whanau were mixed together to do some art activities with a matariki theme.  In our classroom, the children learnt a simple weaving technique to create a kete.  The children could then use this kete to put a special taonga in it.  The children had loads of fun helping each other learn about the importance of matariki.  Tino pai nga whanau!

Tannen's Moment in Time

We were at the Rotorua Sky Swing.  We saw the Sky Swing and I wanted to go on it.  It was amazing how we were strapped in. It was scary while we were going up.  I was with my uncle and my dad.  All of a sudden, it stopped.  My uncle had to pull on the rope.  We were going 150 kilometres an hour.  We all had funny faces.  We didn’t mean to though, and then we were getting thrown around.  We got tied back.  It was soooooo scary!!! (by Tannen)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Term 3's Concept....

Curriculum Subject - Planet Earth and Beyond (Science)

Possible Learning Experiences:

1. Identifying planets and their positions
2. Discussing how tides are created
3. Time in space
4. What is meant by 'space junk?'
5. Learning about 'Matariki'
6. Visiting KiwiNorth Planetarium
7. Creating a visual planet/solar system
8. Solving number problems based on a space theme
9. Identifying ways to care for our planet as Kaitiakitanga
10.  Loads more....

More Hockey Time...