Friday, June 12, 2015

Jonno's Family Trip to the USA

We played football at Auckland International Airport, then.....
  1. Cycled from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier
  2. Stayed at Legoland Hotel
  3. Went to Mini USA, Legoland
  4. Saw sealions at Seaworld
  5. Visited San Diego Zoo where we saw a Sun Bear having a bath
  6. Walked around an aircraft carrier at the Midway Museum
  7. Went to California Adventure Park
  8. Joined the Disneyland Jedi Academy
  9. Went on the Jurasic Park ride at Universal Studios
  10. Walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  11. Visited the California Science Museum
  12. Spent a few days in Hawaii
  13. Visited Pearl Harbor
  14. Reluctantly....had to come back to school!!!

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