Saturday, April 11, 2015

Paua Creations

Topic:  Paua Creations
Art inspired by: 'Tangaroa's Gift'
Talented Artists:  Room 9 Tamariki
Inspirational Kaiako:  Mrs Smith
Art Elements:   Pattern/design, colour
1.  Maori design practise
2.  Outlining shell, breathing holes
3.  Maori designs on 'bands'
4.  Wet on wet dye work - this allows the colours to blend naturally
5.  Brush on water first, then apply the dye in small areas next to each other
6.  Allow to the dye to dry
7.  Backing/apply glitter for the 'shimmer' effect/name art
8.  Sit back and...admire!!!!  
Mauri ora nga tamariki and kaiako!!!!

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